Enriching people's lives
by helping them connect to their true nature, and clearing the pathway for the mind, body, and spirit to work in harmony. 


We aim to inspire our patrons to seek a peaceful, balanced, and holistic approach to life.


To produce a Colorado“First Growth” from the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains.


The mind, body, and spirit will vibrate with energy and life when all necessary nutrients are consumed. Say YES to organic, all-natural, pure, local, sustainable, and protecting our environment.


To align with the wonder of nature’s splendor, and pay homage to the beautiful gifts born from the earth’s soil. Deeply revered, our plants are fed with love and light as they are perfectly in tune with life’s sacred cycle.


Our holistic, organic herbs are an endless blessing that will open and enrich the mind, uplift the soul, and naturally heal the body’s imbalances. 


Founded in 2017, Best Day Ever Cannabis Company grows their organic flowers in a state-of-the-art, hybrid greenhouse located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, overlooking the Colorado River.



The seed for Best Day Ever was planted on the Silver Queen Gondola in Aspen, Colorado, and has roots all over the Roaring Fork Valley.


With unyielding passion and extensive knowledge, the Best Day Ever team is dedicated to cultivating, growing, and serving our patrons with superior, highly-selective, organic cannabis.

 Founder / CEO 

Michael Gurtman

 Aspen Dispensary


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